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Title: Creating Space
Post by: Espeelark on April 26, 2021, 11:10:51 AM
So - to make space for the LM-3S receivers I've usually taken a hacksaw, or port-a-band saw to those white-metal weights to gain the space needed. Not a fun or easy process. Fortunately I've got a friend with a CNC mill.

BEFORE: Top-to-Bottom: two red-box Atlas U30C sets of weights, an Athearn SD45T-2 set of weights and two Athearn SD40T-2 sets of weights. You can see Sharpie marks showing what I wanted taken off.
Weights - Before.jpg

Weights - After.jpg

I disassembled about eight locos that will eventually get LM-3S receivers installed. Here's a group photo of them after being milled; the long one in the back is a Proto 2000 SD60:
Weights - Group.jpg

Included here is a shot of the small, gold-colored, front weight piece from an Athearn Cotton Belt Bicentennial SD40T-2 loco set up in the mill. If you look closely in the lower left quadrant you can see the weight chucked up on the right side of the blue work-piece vise/clamp.
Weights - CNC.jpg

I may never have to use a hacksaw again!
Title: Re: Creating Space
Post by: cws on April 26, 2021, 02:37:33 PM
Nice!  If only we could send some frames to be swapped out for ones you've already modified!

Title: Re: Creating Space
Post by: nodcc4me on April 26, 2021, 03:03:54 PM
That is quite a machine. You are indeed lucky to have this friend.