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HC-2b revision 2.23 released


HC-2b revision 2.23 released in the last day or so

As usual, no idea what fixes or new features are included (nothing on Rings website as of this posting).

- Tim

Is it SOP for DCC makers to soft-launch their updates this way? Such basic product support and marketing but Ring seems content to let the board do it for him.

I don't really know what other manufacturers do as I don't really follow any of them but for many of them new features and bug fixes are a hardware update (a physical eeprom chip to replace) rather than a software upgrade. I think most DCC manufactures are on the ball on disseminating what updates do.

Ring on the other hand, is not content to let RPUG do it for him. The only reason we know and post it here is because some of us keep an eye out for updates because there is a history of no one knowing about them because his website doesn't get updated with them. Usually an update that introduces a new feature get put on his What's New page (eventually) but if an update is a bug fix or similar then it's anybodies guess if it will get a mention on his website or not.

- Tim

William Brillinger:
official word from Tim Ring:

The HC-2 program and the LM-3S-G program add chuff sync by use of the LM-3S-G input wire.

That's a step in the right direction.  Hopefully they can update the LM-3S and LM-2S with the same capability.  Chuff sync has been needed for a long time.



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