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Not exactly sure when this one was put up but it wasn't there the last time I looked.

Gevo-12 Tier 4 ULT prime mover is available.

- Tim

It is not available quite yet.  The file name is there but there is currently no file behind it.  Ring released it, but pulled the file down soon after.  There was something he didn't like in the file, or some other issue.  It will be released soon according to Ring.  Not sure of exact timeline though.  I am really looking forward to it.


Modern modelers rejoice!  The Tier 4 GEVO ULT file is now available.  I haven't tried it yet but will do so tonight. This file will be correct for all ET44 series locomotives.

Count it... that's TWO new prime mover sounds within about a week. Good to see sounds flowing again.


Now all I need is a Gevo-16 ULT and a Small Switcher ULT sound file (50-100 tonn mark) and that' s me all done.  ;D

Gibs - All GEVO's in North America use the GEVO-12 prime mover.  The only 16 cylinder GEVO is an export model found in China and Brazil, and maybe some other countries.  Are you trying to model one of those?  If so, I fear you will never see a prime mover file for that locomotive.  If you are modeling a US, Canadian, or Mexican road then you should use the GEVO-12 ULT file.



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