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Just had the opportunity to test the Tier 4 sound file.  I'm pretty unfamiliar with how the new ET44's sound, and there are very few videos of them online.  They are definitely quiet compared to the Dash 9's and even the ES44 series.  The ET's don't have the typical "GE Chug" that the other locomotives have.  Some engineer friends say that the ET's are just a pleasure to drive....they are by far the quietest cab ride of all the current running locomotives.  They say that in the cab you can't hardly tell that the prime mover is running. 

So from what I can tell the prime mover file is good.  It is definitely a change from the typical prime mover sound.  Much quieter and no real chugging.  The notches up and down are smooth.  There are several new air blast recordings which are very nice.  In a consist of ET44, ES44, and Dash 9 the combined sounds are amazing.  The Tier 4 sound blends right in and fills it out.

As a side note, the file that Loksound uses for their ET44 was recorded from a GE E4C6T.  I can't find any information on that.  I don't think it's a locomotive.  I believe it may be either from a standalone engine or from a similar type GE engine in another use (non-railroad).  Their file sounds completely different.  The Railpro sound was recorded directly from a Tier 4 locomotive.


The Gevo 16 (early) was installed in the Australian BHP GE AC6000CW for pre-production testing just before the AC6000CW (4 out of the eight I believe) over here had a very bad accident. After that and for other reasons as well they were all scraped. So the engines that have been installed into the Australian AC6000CW's were the GE 7HDL16, and the GEVO-16. Since I'd like to mix the engine sounds up a tad, would really like to have both. I can sorta get away with the 7FDL16 ULT Late as a HDL, but a Gevo 16...... might have to make do with the 12.
 BTW, CSX Transportation has re-powered many of their AC6000CW units from 16-7HDL engines to GEVO-16 to make them more reliable and environmentally friendly. These units are capable of 5,800 hp (4,300 kW) but are rated at 4,600 hp (3,400 kW) and classified as CW46AH.


--- Quote from: KPack on September 05, 2021, 12:03:55 AM ---...As a side note, the file that Loksound uses for their ET44 was recorded from a GE E4C6T.  I can't find any information on that.

--- End quote ---

Apparently that's what BNSF called GECX's demo ET44AC's. From https://www.flickr.com/photos/kodachrome9319/16540335104/.

- Tim


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