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Video: RailPro test run Bachmann Large Scale Shay

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This video highlights sound and operational capability of a RailPro LM-3s-G in a Bachmann Large Scale Shay. The locomotive is battery powered using 4 Lithium-Ion cells; 2 in the boiler and one in the air tank. The LM-3S-G along with a large speaker are located in the bunker.  The complete upgrade procedure is documented on Large Scale Central in this thread: https://largescalecentral.com/t/cvsry-shay-5-change-to-railpro/81788

Here is the video...

Not a valid vimeo URL

Nice locomotive and great sound. How much run time do you get with the batteries?

My layout is point-to-point so I don't ever run continuously.  I've rarely had batteries go flat during a session that might last 3 or 4 hours, but again much of that time is stopped and idling during switching operations.

I'll guess that in a loop situation you could easily get 2 hours of run time. My batteries in this loco are a 14.8v pack made with 2200Mah cells.  In my larger locos I am using 3.5Mah packs.

Thatís not bad at all. Works well for an outdoor layout.

Video link not showing for me.


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