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Stewart F3 with PBM


Shout out to Ring for the new PBM, here installed in a Stewart/Kato F3 before I neatened the wires. Same length as a TCS KA2, and slim enough for a hood unit, as I also have one in an Atlas GP7. They work much better than TCS KAs, no comparison, I rarely get a low track voltage message now. Make sure to read the instructions, the PBM requires a minimum 12.6 volts and 2-3 minutes initial charge for proper operation. Highly recommended!

I also have RailPro decoders in Stewart/Kato F units also.
I'm curious. Did you completely remove the power board that is mounted above the motor? If so, how did you stabilize the top of the motor mounts? 
I cut off the rear of the power board and bend the power pickup wires down out of the way.

My install method:

Good job there! Per your question, I discarded the original board and just taped the module to the motor mounts. (I was in a hurry.) I'll use a more stable styrene tray when I go back and add a speaker, as I have with my other installations.


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