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Hi Bill, I looked on your website for the I phone speakers, but I guess you don't handle them anymore. Do you know of a source for them?

Thanks, Joe

William Brillinger:
I have not carried them for several years now. You could look on ebay. Otherwise I do not know where to get them now.
You're looking for the "iPhone 4S loudspeaker" if you want the same ones.


Thanks Bill, I've looked all over the internet and finally found a place that has them, but their website is down and I couldn't get an order through.

You can find them on ebay in the $10-15 range.

I bought a bunch when they were cheap but have used up my stock. You might want to consider sugar cube speakers, as they cost about the same and also have great sound.

The ones I found were a little over $2.00 a piece. I bought several sugar cube speakers but was never satisfied with the sound of most of them. The I phone speakers sound great and are the ones that I prefer (If they will fit in the loco).



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