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dead rail battery


I am new to Rail Pro.  I plan on running dead rail battery power .  I have a 3350 mah battery that I plan on installing in a USA train switcher engine.  This will have a on/off/on switch w battery plug & charging jack with 12 leads. I would also like to use a battery car with a 4 amp hour battery for longer run time. Can I use a second  on/off/on switch to bypass the battery in the engine and just use the battery car when needed?
Thank you
Rich R

of course, the RailPro unit does not care, power is power.

That seems like a complicated mission.  How long do you run trains that you need that much battery?  I run a 14.8V LiIon 3.5ah in O scale and can run continuous for about 3 hours.

If my battery in the engine is dead, I park/charge the engine and run a different engine.

USA Trains is G scale, and USAT is famous for having high stall current motors.

He's thinking in a good way.



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