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Interesting thought about HC-2

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My HC-2 went belly up so I sent in for repair. Then I realised that it was the most important key to operation. If you want to wait for it to be fixed and be out of operation for a long time, okay. I didn't want that to happen so I ordered another HC from Bill. I guess Ring is pretty busy as they did respond but maybe they would get to it this week. I sent it way back in early July !!!
Happy here in Arid-Zona.  8)

After a looong wait, I received notice today that my HC was ready for return. I think next time I'll try to change the batteries myself. I paid $22 to ship the HC to Ring and they charged me $42 to replace the batteries and shipping back to me. So this episode cost $64 plus lots of time. Who said this hobby is not cheap? Darryl in Yuma

William Brillinger:
Yikes! I am sorry to hear that, that is a departure from past experiences.

when the batteries died in my HC-2, I disregarded the warning on the ring site that the world would end if I opened the HC-2.  I replaced the batteries with the top of the line Energizer AA rechargeable batteries.  IIRC the rating of the batteries is 2600 mAhr. 

the only tricky part was to get the metal standoffs (that support the display) to stay put, place the screen in place, then put the halves of the HC-2 back together.

it worked fine upon reassembly.

can you give the link to the page where it warns you not to do this? I looked and could not find it.



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