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William Brillinger:
This is the list of current RailPro Sounds as of January 3rd, 2020:
These sounds are available through the RailPro Assistant software to download to your RailPro system.

Sound samples are available at: https://www.ringengineering.com/Sounds.htm

Diesel Bells
Bell Brass
Bell Bronze
Bell Electric
Bell GE Steel
Bell Howard
CN Bronze Bell
Diesel Bell

Diesel Horns
Diesel Horn
Horn Leslie 3 Chime
Horn Leslie S-2M
Horn Nathan 3 Chime
Horn Nathan K-13
Horn Nathan K-3HA-R2
Horn Nathan K5-CA-LS 3Ch
Horn Nathan K5-CA-LS 5Ch
Horn Nathan KS-1L
Horn Nathan KSV-2
Horn Nathan P-124
Horn Prime 920
Nathan K5H-R24 5 Chime

ULTIMATE Diesel Horns
Leslie A-200 ULT
Leslie RS5T ULT
Nathan P5 ULT
Wabco E3 ULT

Diesel Other
Brake Automatic Release
Brake Automatic Set
Brake SafeSet Release
Brake SafeSet Set
Dynamic Brake Dash 8
Dynamic Brake
Fast Spitter
Handbrake Release
Handbrake Set
Start Up Warning
Uncouple Lever

ULTIMATE Diesel Prime Movers *New Sept 2017
Alco 251 ULT
EMD 567-16 ULT
EMD 645 Blower ULT
EMD 645 Turbo ULT
GE 7FDL-16 Early ULT
Gevo-12 ULT LM-2
Gevo-12 ULT

Diesel Prime Movers *Older Sound Files
Alco 539T
Diesel Engine
EMD 567
EMD 645 Turbo
EMD 645-20
EMD 710
GE 7FDL-16

Farm Animals
Chicken Sounds
Cow Sounds
Duck Sounds
Goat Sounds
Horse Sounds
Large Dog Barking
Medium Dog Barking
Pig Sounds
Rooster Sounds
Sheep Sounds
Small Dog Barking

Rail Vehicle Sounds
Horn Ahooga

Steam Bells
Bell Challenger
Bell Howard
Bell Jupiter
Bell NP 765
Bell Steam 1
Bell Steam 2
Narrow Gauge 12 Inch
Steam Bell

Steam Engines
Steam Heavy LM-1
Steam Heavy
Steam Light

ULTIMATE Steam Engines *New May 2019
Shay ULT

Steam Other
Boiler Blowdown
Shoveling Coal
Water Fill

ULTIMATE Steam Whistles
Aermore 4 Chime ULT
Baldwin 3 Chime ULT
Nathan 6 Chime ULT
Whistle Big Boy ULT

Steam Whistles *Older Sound Files
Beckmann 4 Chime
Canadian Special 3 Chime
Kinsley 4 Chime
Lunkenheimer 1 Chime
Powell 3 Chime
Steam Whistle
Whistle 800 Class
Whistle Baldwin 3 Chime
Whistle Frisco 6 Chime
Whistle Rio Grande 3 Chm

Train Sounds
Coupler Clank
Handbrake Release
Handbrake Set
Pop Off

Turbine Prime Movers
GTEL Turbine

For user created sounds, check the RPUG Files section: http://rpug.pdc.ca/index.php?board=4.0

William Brillinger:
I asked Ring Engineering about adding a public list of sounds on the RailPro Website.

Tim says:

--- Quote ---Hi Bill,

There is not a direct listing of the sounds but you can download the RailPro Assistant software for free (no RailPro equipment needed to download it) and you can use it to see a list of all available sounds.  We know it would be nice to see a listing with sound samples on our internet site and hope/plan to get that done at some point.

Ring Engineering Inc.

--- End quote ---

William Brillinger:
Updated the list of sounds as of today. (see first post in this thread)

Thanks Bill! Good reference for the new guys (and some of us old guys too).  ;)

There's way more steam whistles than there used to be!


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