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Atlas Trainman GP38-2 Install, I tried something different


I have an Atlas Trainman GP38-2 that I thought I would take a different approach to installing the module. I left the light board in it, removed all the hardware, and used the existing traces to connect the trucks and the motor, then soldered directly from the harness to all the objects that get controlled. Without my HC, (sent for repair) I haven't tested this approach yet, but I did confirm that all the traces did what they were supposed to with my meter. I did have to remove a section of the front weight to accommodate my speaker. I did eliminate a lot of the wire clutter. It was tight as there is not much extra room in this loco, but it is doable (I hope).  :)

Nice, neat installation. I have also used the light board as a base for the module. Keeps it off the motor. It should work just fine for you Joe.


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