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Athearn SD50 Installation


I thought I would add the photos showing LMS installation in an Athearn SD50.

I followed Bill's method to attach the iPhone speaker, except I had to drill and tap a hole for the mounting screw.

My wiring isn't super pretty, but it all fits with no flywheel rubbing and all functions properly.  The LM is adhered to the top of the motor with double stick tape.

I used a Kato motor in place of the stock Athearn as they are much smoother operating. The Athearn hex drive shafts are a perfect fit. Unfortunately it does take a little grinding of the frame for it to fit.  I adhered the motor to the frame with some epoxy and fiberglass cloth filler.

Last to do is reinstall the handrails and touch up the paint on the detail parts and apply some weathering.

Dan Risdon

Good job Dan. It must sound good with the 4s speaker. The engine behind it looks like an Atlas. Those speaker mounts are very handy. I have an Atlas with only one speaker mounted and it is louder than I need it to be. It would be too loud with two speakers.

The Atlas C40-8 sitting behind the SD50 will be my third installation. An Atlas C40-8W is next in line and it was a factory equipped sound unit with two speakers and I thought I would try it as is before making any changes.  My plan is to use another iPhone 4S speaker in the C40-8.



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