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RailPro LM-2S Installation in Rapido FP9A Locomotive

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This is the new FP9A by Rapido that just came out with an ESU decoder instead of the Tsunami when it came with "The Canadian" set. I got the DC version so I could put a RailPro sound module in it.



I think the pictures pretty well say it all. I am very happy with the way it came out. I tested the locomotive before putting the shell back on. I thought the sound was awesome with that iPhone 4 speaker. What surprised me was that the sound didn't seem to change with the shell on.

I didn't change any of the settings on the controller. I don't know if the diesel sound is appropriate but it sounds neat. The horn sounds better I think than the previous version and the bell has a nice ding to it. Pressing the icons for the headlight, back light and roof light all work.

The only thing I don't have is illuminated number boards. I don't know if it's available if I dig into the controller.

All in all it was a simple installation once I got the hang of it. I did a second unit and it only took about a half hour not counting letting the silicone cure overnight.

Of course, mu'ing them together was pretty simple. If nothing else that's what RailPro has all over DCC.

Ponoka, Alta

Hi Bill,

This was my first time attaching photos. They're way too big. How do I make them normal size for the page?

Also I got the same picture twice. There should have been a different one.

Should I delete the post and start over?

Yves in Ponoka, Alta

Hi again,

I was able to delete the extra picture but I can't find where I can make pictures smaller.

Yves in Ponoka, Alta

Hi Yves,
You have to resize all your photos before posting them to the forum. If you are using Win7, you can can resize them using Photo Gallery. 800 will give you a nice size and 1024 will produce a full page.

I also have a free downloaded version of FastStone Image Resizer which works very well.


I'm not sure why you got two of the same images posted. Perhaps the safest way is to make a separate post for each image.

Hi Mel,

Thanks for the info. I just downloaded Photo Gallery and resized the pictures. More better now.

Two of the same image was operator error. I'm forever pressing wrong buttons.

Yves in Ponoka, Alta


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