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RailPro Assistant Software v3.00


William Brillinger:
RailPro Assistant Software v3.00 has been released today. (Feb 4, 2017)

From the What's new Page on Rings Website:

"The new RailPro Assistant Software uses a new server.  The old server will be taken out of service.  Therefore to continue using the RailPro Assistant you must update to the new Revision.  Go to the RailPro Assistant Software Page and start the down load. The new revision of the RailPro Assistant Program has improved Internet file transfer speed.  It is also more dependable across poor quality internet connections and wireless internet connections with poor signal strength."

Download from here: http://ringengineering.com/RailProAssistantSoftware.htm

Having beta tested this software, I can attest that it functions on Wi-Fi MUCH better.
- Bill

RailPro Assistant v3.00 patched to run on Windows XP has been uploaded to the files area (RailPro Software Archive) for those that need it.


- Tim


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