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Just to see if we could get an LM-3S module into a Bachmann Climax. This belongs to a friend who wanted it converted to RailPro.
The 21 pin board and speaker were removed. Each wire was unsoldered from the 21 pin printed circuit board and soldered to the 9 pin JST plug one at a time.
The coal bunker needed a brace in the center removed to allow the module to sit upright. I used an iPhone 4S speaker that was cut down to put in the bunker. The 6 pin plug cannot be used due to not enough space. The speaker wires were soldered directly to the necessary pins.
I made a styrene cover to temporarily cover the module since the coal load will no longer fit. With some hatches it would make a good oil tank, but the owner is going to use wood for fuel.

William Brillinger:
Very Nice Bruce! Thanks for posting this.

You'll notice I tinkered with your pictures to make them fit better (width).
You can click the modify link to see what I did.

- Bill

That is a tiny space to install an LM module, and with a speaker too. Nicely done!  :D

Thanks Bill. What size did you reduce the photos to? I think I posted them at 1600x1200.

William Brillinger:
Bruce, I didn't actually resize the images, I just set the display size smaller.

When you use the insert attachment option, adding the value "width=800 " after the id number will show a smaller image.

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