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William Brillinger:
Welcome to the RailPro User Group,

This forum is a home for users of Ring Engineering's RailPro Control System to discuss RailPro related features and support their fellow users. Feel free to post your Questions, Answers, and Ideas!

We're glad you're here!

Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the group. We don't need to know your life history, but please tell us little about yourself, your modelling, and what brought you here.

 My name is Cecil Collum, retired U.S. Army officer, and I am currently modelling in N Scale. I plan to begin a new HO layout within a year and am very interested in power on board. Not real enthused over dcc, too many wiring rules.
  Railpro seems to be the system I need after spending the last month researching the available systems. I also like Ringís use of 2.4 ghz. I also use 2.4 ghz on my rc aircraft and lipo batteries are no stranger, so dead rail should work fine for my new layout.
  I have not purchased a system yet, donít want to haul it on my 900 mile relocstion.


Welcome Cecil, and thank you for your service.

Most of us share your lack of enthusiasm for DCC. As you know, RailPro is not yet available for N scale, but I'm sure you will enjoy it when you get our HO layout going. Good luck with your move.

My name is Roger Huber. I have been modeling since about 1955. I've used and enjoyed Dynatrol and changed over to Digitraxx with opposing feelings. I want to learn more about using RP.

Welcome Roger,

Dive right on in and read, plenty of good information here to browse through. When your ready ask any questions.

- Tim


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