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New member and a view from a new non-user (yet)


Joel B.:
       Hello to the forum. I am glad I found it. Hopefully soon I will have the need to actually purchase a Rail Pro system. I'm very early in the construction of my first "real" layout and I had been gathering info for the proper installation for a dcc system. When I saw the early vids at MRH and some of the forum posts and the negativity on RailPro by some people, I knew I had to know even more. I am also glad the folks a Ring opened up their system and provided a way to allow users to to directly add content them selves. I am so happy that I even deleted most of the dcc related info I had acquired off my computer. RailPro just seems what it should be like to simply run a model train. I have done some programming of in-motion weighing/inventorying/sorting devices thus I dreaded the day I would have to dive in to the dcc world. Now it looks like things will come along a little more quickly as I wont need to learn dcc just to play with my trains.   
     WooHoo and Hurrraayyy!!!
Thanks for this forum and the work of those involved.
Joel B.

Welcome Joel.  Hopefully you find yourself in the position to buy Railpro soon.

I used Digitrax for the first time in years this last weekend, and I instantly remembered why I switched to Railpro.  So un-intuitive. 


Joel, I have been using RailPro for over three years, and I'm sure you will not only enjoy using it but you will find it much simpler to use than DCC. I belong to a club and have used their DCC now and then.  :( So far I have converted three other members to RailPro because, as Kevin said, DCC is very un-intuitive.

Welcome aboard Joel. I'm a former Free-mo DCC chief (Digitrax) and current club member with an EasyDCC equipped layout. I've been DCC free for a year and have never looked back!

Jacob Damron
Ft. Worth, TX

I've had my RailPro system up and running for about 2 weeks now, and as far as running trains go I absolutely love it. Admittedly I don't have any DCC experience to compare to but it is so simple to use I can't imagine DCC could even compare. Installing my first locomotive module (Bachmann DCC ready GP7) turned out to be a little challenging as I had to finagle quite a bit to fit the module in there, but I learned a lot on the first one and the second install into a sister GP7 wasn't bad at all. I'd highly recommend RailPro to anyone looking to a simple yet realistic way to operate their trains.


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