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Shay ULT sound file available for LM-3S-G


Good news for the G scale narrow gauge users. Tim has posted the new G scale Shay ULT sound he recorded from the Heston Steam Museum. It requires a program upgrade to your LM-3S-G REV 2-10. 

Sounds great and the loading works.

Awesome!  It's great to see new files even if it's not something I can use.  Could you post of video of how it sounds?

My Bachmann G scale Shay does not have a chuff circuit. Are the chuffs controlled by the voltage alone? If so can the chuffs be increased or decreased for a specific voltage?

as a side note, all Bachmann G scale shays have chuff contacts, but they normally either do not work well out of the box, or are wired incorrectly.

They indeed can be made to work, and the result is perfect synchronization of course, but it's not something the average guy would do. (TOC can do it though!)



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