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I use an ebay seller (also an online seller) called LighthouseLED.  they have a very wide range of sizes, colors, configurations, etc, both "naked" and pre-wired.
General Discussion / Re: the katy with newly installed RP
« Last post by Davidbross on November 26, 2023, 01:21:30 PM »
Very nice install. I too like the horn.  Will you share the file?   I have made several horn files.  Very few loops have worked for me.  I wish there was an easy way to demo them before going through all the exporting and importing.   I spent hours on a whistle but it ended up sounding lousy.  Iíll end up trying again. 
RailPro Specific Help & Discussion / Re: Little tiny headlights for HO Athearn engines
« Last post by G8B4Life on November 26, 2023, 04:17:30 AM »
I don't know what Athearn uses in the GP-9. Athearn used to use bulbs but I believe they now finally use LEDs. Anyway, people here have gotten their LED's from either eBay or some from Evans Designs (which they recommend): Plenty of other LED's there too.

- Tim
It does sounds like your batteries could be done for however that may not be the case. The batteries in my original HC are almost 9 years old or so but they still hold a charge for a lot longer than a couple of minutes but they do go flat much quicker than normal to the point that after a couple of months the HC won't turn on at all.

What I found a couple of times was that after charging (from completely flat in my case) I had to charge it again virtually immediately after it had said done charging; it didn't charge fully the first time.  So you can try charging the HC, when done turn it on until the power bar drops the first bit then charge it again. It might work it might not but it's probably worth the try.

As for replacement batteries and changing them, there's threads about it here but any 1.2v NiMH rechargeable battery of at least 2400maH  should be just fine.

If you end up changing the batteries, be aware the HC's don't actually turn off, they go into a standby mode so they are still consuming power. You should charge the HC every month or two when you aren't using it.

- Tim (no not that Tim)
Cant find the rayovak plus , am in Canada but found the same ones that were in my controller tenergy premium 2500 nimh so they should do? Found em on Amazon
Youíre the best lol just tryed the unit with 3 non rechargables and booted up and the screen works. Thank god itís just the batteries, am ordering replacements now. 👍👍👍👍
Here are the specs:

Rayovac Recharge Plus 1.2v 2400mAH NiMH AA size

Give Tim ring a call. He can probably tell you what's wrong and even reasonably fix it for you.
What kind of batteries did u use? Happen to have size , brand etc info on hand?
That sounds similar to the issues I had with my HC. I wound up purchasing new batteries from Lowes. Now everything works great.

RailPro Specific Help & Discussion / Touch screen wonít work and battery lasts 2 mins
« Last post by Camco007 on November 25, 2023, 04:47:59 PM »
Alrighty got it to charge but new issue, I disconnect the unit and turn it on. It get to the screen where it says to tap to continue so I try tapping and nothing happens. I press the button at the top and it proceeds to the main user screen but tap on any icon and does nothing, pressing the power or holding it down does nothing, also the power meter is dropping. Using the reset button on back does nothing. Power ran out and it shut off in 2 mins. Dead unit? even if needs new batteries the touch screen should have worked when it had power? I have only used it one Christmas and was hopeing to use it this Christmas but itís not looking likely. For what this controller cost I feel I should have gotten more use out of it before itís no longer good. Anyone have same issue? Can it be fixed or is it destined for the recycler lol
Also wanted to ad I got the unit 12/22/2021 from
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