Registration Agreement

The RailPro User Group forums is friendly place for users of RailPro to share ideas, provide help to other users if they can and generally hang out. To keep the forums a nice place we have some rules.

These be the rules for posting on the RailPro User Group.

Try to keep your posts on topic
If the admin(s) feel that a topic is going too far off on a tangent they may split or lock the topic.

Keep a cool head. We want to be nice to others here. If something doesn't agree with your opinion then by all means offer an alternate view but do it with a level head. Posting while you are angry, frustrated or in an otherwise foul mood often leads to posting something that will get you suspended or banned.

Absolutely NO flaming, trolling, posting of offensive material, deriding or humiliating others.
Any of these things may get you suspended or possibly banned right from the first offence.

The forum admin(s) reserve the right to edit posts to help with clarity of the post.
This usually means resizing an image to stop it overflowing the screen.

The forum admin(s) reserve the right to edit and remove posts that are deemed to be in violation of the forum rules.

The forum admin(s) reserve the right to lock any topic for any reason.
Usually this would only happen if a topic was becoming a bit emotional and everyone needed to cool off.

The forum admin(s) reserve the right to amend and enforcement these rules as needed.

Thank you for participating in the RPUG forum,
- RPUG Admin