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The question was raised on another thread a few days ago regarding the time it takes to transfer files with the CI-1/HC-SIM vs the HC-2.

I ran a few tests using the EMD 645 Turbo ULT File from Local Storage and I captured the process on video so I could accurately compare the times to load the files. If the video was in focus, I would post the video. It's not, so I won't. ;)

Here is what I found:

42:58 - RPA to HC-2B via USB    5:30 to 48:28
15:01 - HC-2B to LM-3S      0:36 to 15:35
57:59 combined total time

10:32 - RPA to HC-SIM     3:12 to 13:44
36:10 - HC-SIM to LM-3S   0:41 to 36:51
46:42 combined total time

These times only include the actual time to transfer the file.

Conclusion: The CI-1 is much slower at transferring files to the LM, but the HC-SIM is much faster at loading files from the RPA.

The key benefits of using the CI-1 remain:
  • Saving battery power on the HC.
  • Keeping the HC free for other tasks while loading files.

When loading program updates or smaller files, this speed discrepancy is much less noticeable.
I like to use both devices, in a tag team fashion, when there are new updates to apply or an updated sound file.
I prefer using the HC-SIM to load and program LM's and the HC-2 to test what I have done.


RailPro Software Updates / LM-2 and LM-2S version 2.03 released
« on: November 25, 2017, 04:41:44 PM »
Rev 2.03 of the LM2 programs has been released.

Ring Engineering indicates these issues are fixed:
- Fixed problem with 2nd Light output.
- Fixed bug with Manual Notching not notching across consisted locos
- Fixed bug where chuff rate adjust did not work
- Fixed bug where consisted steam locos did not chuff correctly.
- Fixed bug where the limit on accel decel during direction change was not working.

I have offered the roll of Signalman (Global Moderator) to Tim (G8B4Life), and he has accepted.

This will put another set of eyes on the forum on the opposite shift to mine, and besides that, Tim has certainly earned his keep around here!

Thanks Tim!

Forum Management / Re-Org complete
« on: November 24, 2017, 08:20:24 PM »
I think all the RPUG Re-Org work is complete now.

Thank you to Tim (G8B4Life) for all your help with planning and executing this!
Your help and continued commitment to this group is appreciated.


Forum Tips and Help / Forum Rules
« on: November 24, 2017, 07:55:29 PM »
The RailPro User Group forums is friendly place for users of RailPro to share ideas, provide help to other users if they can and generally hang out. To keep the forums a nice place we have some rules.

These be the rules for posting on the RailPro User Group.

  • Try to keep your posts on topic
    If the admin(s) feel that a topic is going too far off on a tangent they may split or lock the topic.

  • Keep a cool head. We want to be nice to others here. If something doesn't agree with your opinion then by all means offer an alternate view but do it with a level head. Posting while you are angry, frustrated or in an otherwise foul mood often leads to posting something that will get you suspended or banned.

  • Absolutely NO flaming, trolling, posting of offensive material, deriding or humiliating others.
    Any of these things may get you suspended or possibly banned right from the first offence.

  • The forum admin(s) reserve the right to edit posts to help with clarity of the post.
    This usually means resizing an image to stop it overflowing the screen.

  • The forum admin(s) reserve the right to edit and remove posts that are deemed to be in violation of the forum rules.

  • The forum admin(s) reserve the right to lock any topic for any reason.
    Usually this would only happen if a topic was becoming a bit emotional and everyone needed to cool off.

  • The forum admin(s) reserve the right to amend and enforcement these rules as needed.

Thank you for participating in the RPUG forum,
- RPUG Admin

New Users Start Here / Introduce Yourself...
« on: November 24, 2017, 07:22:06 PM »
Welcome to the RailPro User Group,

This forum is a home for users of Ring Engineering's RailPro Control System to discuss RailPro related features and support their fellow users. Feel free to post your Questions, Answers, and Ideas!

We're glad you're here!

Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the group. We don't need to know your life history, but please tell us little about yourself, your modelling, and what brought you here.

Forum Management / Thinking about User Group Sections Reorganization
« on: November 22, 2017, 04:23:07 PM »
I'm thinking about reorganizing the Main Sections on the User Group and I'd like your feedback.

First, I think the original sections of RailPro Discussion and RailPro Features overlap a lot and I would like to merge them into just RailPro Discussion.

Second, I'd like to move most of the Topics found under RailPro Installation into the new RailPro Discussion section and rename RailPro Installation to RailPro Installations.

The new RailPro Installations section would be limited to build logs detailing what was needed to install RP into a specific locomotive. I think this would be a valuable resource and it would be best if these were easy to find and not surrounded by clutter.

RPUG members, what are your thoughts?

RailPro Software Updates / LM-3 and LM-3S version 2.03 released
« on: November 22, 2017, 12:42:56 PM »
Rev 2.03 of the LM3 programs has been released.

Ring Engineering indicates these issues are fixed:
- Fixed problem with 2nd Light output.
- Fixed bug with Manual Notching not notching across consisted locos
- Fixed bug where chuff rate adjust did not work
- Fixed bug where consisted steam locos did not chuff correctly.
- Fixed bug where the limit on accel decel during direction change was not working.

RailPro Discussion & Help / A Grip Handle for the HC
« on: November 11, 2017, 10:55:21 AM »
Some people find the HC awkward to hold, or slippery. I personally do not have an issue with this but some certainly do.

My wife spotted these the other day in a store and I thought they might be just the ticket for people who want a firmer grip on their HC's.

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Way back here in this Keep Alive topic,,327.msg3467.html#msg3467, I mentioned a possible issue with MU'ing Keep Alive equipped units that use the Full Bridge Rectifier with units that do not.

The reason I was concerned it was an MU'ing issue is that when it ran by itself it all looked good, but when it was MU'ed to another identical unit, the 2 were bucking against each other.

This week I finally got to the bottom of the problem and as I concluded in the Keep Alive post, it was not the KA's or the bridge rectifier that were the issue. I had suggested in the Keep Alive discussion that it was a mechanical issue, but that turns out to be incorrect also.

Given the symptoms of the issue I was not sure which loco was actually having the problem until I pulled them out again this week and tried them again to identify the offender. While running them I noticed that one was flashing a brief warning. So I ran them while watching the LM info screen and low and behold I discovered the issue.

The voltage reading on one of the units was fine for a few moments and then it would drop to about 10V, then it was fine again, and round and round it went. It was surging almost imperceptibly until it was coupled to another loco. Under load it was impossible to see, but when it was MU'ed to another locomotive, the effect really stood out.

Now that I could see the problem on the LM Info screen, I knew what to look for.

I stripped out the control board and hardwired the LM directly to the pickups and motor. It still surged.
I changed the LM. It still surged.
I put the LM into a new identical loco. It worked fine.

It turns out one of the pickups was failing.

Problem solved.

Watching the voltage in the decoder in real time, That's Cool!

Forum Management / For Sale Section?
« on: November 01, 2017, 06:14:47 PM »
I had a request today from a member to create a "for sale" section in the forum.
Is anybody else interested in this?

I'm wondering how many RailPro user group members would prefer a MAC version

RailPro User Guides / Re: HC Control Buttons guide
« on: October 21, 2017, 06:38:23 AM »
HC Control Buttons guide

This guide lists and explains the various buttons available for use on the HC control screen.

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Revised October 21, 2017

The September 30th What's Neat video podcast has a short discussion about RailPro.

This video podcast features Ken Patterson, Daniel Coombs, Mike Budde, Chris Palomerez, Larry Horn, and Dirk Renolds.

Chris Palomerez is a significant player at Athearn, and he is clearly impressed.

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