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It is to small less than 4 amps, I run a 10 amp 0 to 24 volt DC .  Told from Ring the PWR-56 will only run two G scale locomotives. 

Hello.  I am now using a DC 10 amp 0 to 24 volt filtered regulated power supply  that I assembled from components. I like the power I have and have run 4 locomotives at once with no problem. The PWR-56 I was told, and looking at specs was designed for HO and O but will run G scale, only two locomotives.  It looks like from the conversion watts to amps is close to 4 amps. Can I run my supply, I know it will not communicate with the HC-2, would this cause a glitch in the Railpro software. I am spoiled with my supply, can I run two PWR-56 supplies. Anyone use a different supply like I want to.  Phil

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Hello Phil here.  I am retired, spent a great deal of my life in the dredging industry as an operator and later 20 plus years in the shop doing repairs, fabrication, welding.  Not counting my time in the Army in the 1970s, and an electrical / excavating contractor in the family business, 1980s.  Had a mix of other jobs in my early years.  Now enjoying my retiree time devoted to model railroading, G scale, and other hobbies. Hope to learn a few things here.  Thanks. 73.

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