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RailPro Specific Help & Discussion / Re: Trainli Pro Smoke unit
« Last post by gregeusa on August 02, 2022, 06:56:13 PM »
does not make sense, because the train-li unit is basically an aristo unit with the electronics (such as they were) removed.

You have 4 wires, 2 to a fan and 2 to the raw heating element, which can draw up to an amp.

Zimo decoders have outputs to pulse the fan in time to sound or load and to control the voltage to the heating element.

Some other DCC decoders can do this.

Railpro has no such capability.

There's been a bunch of G Scale releases, how do we get Tim to release the long-awaited 21 pin LM3/4S for use in HO and other scales?

He's gaining a lot of momentum in the Large Scale community where DCC is not so strongly entrenched. Makes sense for him to keep rolling with it. Hopefully, the sales increases can help fund new products for smaller scales.
RailPro Specific Help & Discussion / Trainli Pro Smoke unit
« Last post by Nickxlucas on August 01, 2022, 08:55:36 PM »
Has anyone ever installed a trainli smoke unit with lm-4s-g unit?
I wonder if the magnet thing could work for the smaller scales (i.e. put the magnet on the track prior to a level crossing and the loco would play a level crossing horn sequence)?

There's been a bunch of G Scale releases, how do we get Tim to release the long-awaited 21 pin LM3/4S for use in HO and other scales?
Ring announced a new G Scale Kit for Analog Sound and Control today.

The release info says:

RAKS-1 - This kit includes all the necessary electronics to add sound, motor, and light control to
your G scale locomotive and will allow control with analog (DC) power supply. It also
has magnet pickup so you can place magnets in your track for the purpose of playing
a sound or turning on a light effect when the train goes over the magnets. Further you
can Radio Control a locomotive with this kit installed if you obtain a RailPro handheld
controller. You can download new sounds and light effects using the built in Direct Radio!

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I'm with Greg.  On a recent model, if the internal circuit is not being powered, you will get nothing on the chuff wire.  I had to deal with this when I gutted the tender electronics from my C-19's.

Early optical chuff circuits produced a  +V pules that needed to be converted to a ground pulse with a transistor for use with Pheonix and most other sound boards. Later models, like the C-19, changed to a ground pulse which sound boards are happy with. But in order to get either, the optical circuit needs to be powered.
so, you should check the chuff output pin, do you have the wiring diagram and/or schematic?

it is the newer Climax.  So how exactly would I hook up the meter to test.  One to chuff and other to ground or power?
I may have missed it, but old or new climax, makes a huge difference re:chuff... old has actual chuff switch, 2 contacts, isolated.

New has pulses coming from the circuit board, which must be powered, and not sure if Bachmann copied their original mistake on the K27 to this loco... so would be good to debug that output first with a meter.

OK.  First we should disconnect the P8 from RailPro and the climax and do the Basic Bench Test as outlined on Page 6 of the Phoenix P8 Manual which can be downloaded from:

Once you get the Steam Idle sounds, try the Trigger Check Out on Page 7.

Triggers fire when grounded. Run a jumper from C2 Pin 1 (trigger ground) and touch it to each of the trigger terminal pins 2,3,4,5 and 6. You should get a chuff on pin 2, Whistle on Pin 3 , Bell on pin 4, Blow down on pin 5 and station announcement on pin 6.  This assumes it's never been changed from factory default.

Does the Climax Chuff have two wires?  If only one it might be an optical circuit and the board will need 5V to drive it. Phoenix P8 C2 Pin 7 is +5V for this purpose.
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