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iPhone 8 speaker
« on: January 07, 2021, 11:32:45 AM »
I just hooked up an iPhone 8 speaker.  amazing sound from such a small device!

I cut off the mounting tabs.  I believe they have no other function.

I cut away the plastic at what I will call the bottom of the speaker--the part that has the small port in it that probably fits into a recess inside the phone housing.

first I cut the +/- 1/8" protrusion on the side of the speaker that is mostly plastic.  I think the protrusion is a resonance chamber which I'm sure is important in the phone.  but not so much for my loco.  with the top of the chamber off, I saw that I could safely cut about 1/4" towards the metal housing.

to my ear, using one the stock sounds in an LM-1, the horn and bell sound the same as with the unaltered speaker.

so, you can slim the speaker down by about 1/8" and shorten it about 1/4".  not much but might be just enough in some situations.

I also just ordered an iPhone 7 speaker as a comparison with the 8.   I can't find dimensions online, but it looks like it might be smaller.  only $2.29 free shipping from California so I should have in in a week.


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Re: iPhone 8 speaker
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I've considered doing this. My iPhone 8 has wonderful sound quality.
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Re: iPhone 8 speaker
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and I discovered yesterday that the cut-down iPhone 8 speaker fits perfectly inside the roof of an Atlas RS-3 cab, which solved a problem I was having in getting the LM-3S, speaker and wiring jammed inside the hood without interfering with the drive train.
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