Author Topic: Hand Held locomotive selection screen bug?  (Read 196 times)


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Hand Held locomotive selection screen bug?
« on: May 26, 2022, 03:17:50 AM »
Hey all,
So this has only recently been occurring for me, and i thought it was because i needed to update the controller. Well it didn't change the minor but annoying issue I've been seeing.

Issue: from the main welcome screen, and selecting the locomotives button, it brings up the "last selected products" page. showing the power modules, accessories, etc. if I select the next page button, it transfers to the correct screen "Select Locomotive Page 1" and then the next page button takes me to "page 2" and then back to "page 1" it doesn't leave the locomotive selection pages.

It also does this when i press the image of the locomotive on the control locomotive screen.

Does anyone else know why this performing in this way?
The hand held has the 2.26 software updated, but it was doing it on the 2.23.  this issue also shows up on the 2.30 version of the simulator. It only seems to do it when clicking the locomotive image button, when clicking the locomotives button it shows only locomotives.

anyone else experiencing this?
Glenn M.

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Re: Hand Held locomotive selection screen bug?
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2022, 08:51:35 AM »
Well I can't say I'm seeing this possible issue, but I only have three LM's loaded into HC sim, and only one on the HC so I don't have enough LM's loaded to really confirm or deny, however what I see is...

After having had a product selected (LM or PWR), from the main page the Locomotives button brings up the Locomotives select screen, of which I only have one obviously.

After having had a product selected, from the Locomotive control screen pressing the Locomotive picture brings up the Last Selected Products page. Pressing the next or whatever is was button brings up the Locomotive select screen, of again obviously I only have one page.

Not much help that lot I'm afraid.

- Tim