Author Topic: Feet for Your HC-2 (or HC-1)  (Read 1493 times)


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Feet for Your HC-2 (or HC-1)
« on: March 28, 2016, 01:09:30 PM »
When I made the video where I tested running an LM-2S on a battery pack, I was extremely frustrated while trying to push on-screen buttons on my HC-2.  Since I was holding the camera with one hand, I had to operate the controls with only the other, with the HC-2 on a flat surface.  Since the back of the HC-2 is rounded, it made operating one-handed a challenge, because when trying to press on-screen buttons, the HC-2 would rock side-to-side.  I had to press several of the buttons 2, 3, sometimes 4 times before being successful.

So off I went to my local Home Depot.  I found some 3/8 in. Self-Adhesive Vinyl Surface Pads that looked like they would do the trick.  I bought them, got them home, pealed four of them from the sheet of sixteen and placed them on the back of the HC-2 as shown in the first picture.  Now, when I place the HC-2 down on a flat surface (second picture), there is no more rocking motion while using any of the controls (the knob or the screen buttons).

I imagine these types of pads are available at various outlets, not just Home Depot.  But the ones I bought are and priced at $1.86.


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Re: Feet for Your HC-2 (or HC-1)
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2016, 09:29:18 AM »
Upon Michael's suggestion I tried these pads on my HC-2 too and think it really makes it stable.  It eliminates the throttle rocking issue and also has the added bonus of reducing slippage.  I imagine this would be really useful when the HC-2 is placed on an angled surface, as it will not slide.

We're both looking forward to being "weird" at our upcoming May Free-mo setup.  Free-mo uses Digitrax DCC for the layout control but we can use Railpro along with DCC.  I have really been enjoying the ease of use of Railpro, including downloading a copying files.  It's very intuitive and the owners manual is not required much like figuring out a smart phone or tablet. 

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