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Originally posted by Jacob Damron on the RailPro Users Yahoo! Group on Jan 21, 2015

I'd like to welcome all those that migrate over here whether you're a current RailPro user, considering converting, or just here to see what all the fuss is about. I've been involved with Free-mo, and by default Digitrax, since late 2008. I've spent countless hours wiring modules, troubleshooting modules, installing decoders, planning Free-mo Digitrax equipment requirements, trouble shooting Digitrax issues, converting from simplex to duplex radios, and even more time spent trying to speed match locomotives with JMRI, programming boosters, and speed tunnels. I took a hiatus from modeling in 2012-13 and sold off all my Digitrax equipment and a majority of my models. I came back to the hobby with a tighter focus on passenger operations and a desire to run my trains better and simpler than what DCC and Digitrax offered. I began searching for something that 'just worked' and didn't require an MIT level of understanding of CV's or require a labyrinth of cables, grounds, boosters, and buses just to move a model train.

After researching a few competing systems I finally settled on RailPro. No amount of research could prepare me for the simplicity, functionality, or ease of usability afforded by this system. I am simply amazed at what this system will do, how easy it will do it, and how much cheaper it will do it than the DCC systems. To date I have converted one Proto 1000 RDC, a Proto 2000 EB-7 (the Rock Island designated theirs different than the rest of the world), and one Proto 2000 E8. All installations have been with the LM-2S. The sound quality is at least as good as what I was used to with QSI and Tsunami. The P2K E8 was an old DC locomotive and it kept tripping the Motor Overload Fault. I have since ordered a replacement NWSL motor and will completely rework the drive train. I have one additional LM-2S enroute and will use that in a P2K EA-7. I'll post photos of the installations and models as time and progress allows.

I have no association with Ring Engineering other than being a satisfied user of their RailPro system. Welcome again here and to the advanced world of RailPro locomotive control. Please post at least your first name and location with your messages. 

Jacob Damron
Ft. Worth, TX
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