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 That sounds like the right subject heading?

 I have been surfing at many different websites that had the subject of RailPro come up. I did not know RE had been around so long? Some of the posters are here now on this website. All in all, every comment was usually positive except for the cost of converting, if one is in DCC, was the only drawback. Well some of us made the plunge anyway.  I have a small pile of used decoders and sound units that will go on eBay some day but not yet as I still have more to add to the pile.

 Well another thing, I do have some items that are On30 that I used to dabble in but decided to go back to HO as the supply was better and of course many manufactures. Bachmann kind of had a lock on On30 but after fixing gears on three or four engines of their engines, I threw in the towel. Now the good thing about that, the demand is there and I'll most likely get most of my money back so, on eBay too.  SOMEDAY !!

 See y'all around the track, Cheers Darryl



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Re: Amazed
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Ring Engineering has been around for over 10 years now, but RailPro wasn't very well known. I found them 5 years ago while deciding which system to go with for a new home layout. I joined a local club that was using Digitrax and soon decided that was not the way I wanted to go. I have been a happy camper with RP for the entire time, and 3 other club members have since started using it.

Converting over from DCC can be very costly if you have many engines but at least as you've stated, you have EBay.

Run your train, not your brain. Get RailPro. It's a no-brainer.