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Lumber prices
« on: November 03, 2017, 09:18:12 AM »
From Seeking Alpha:

Coming during tense NAFTA talks, the U.S. Commerce Department, accusing Canada of unfairly subsidizing and dumping softwood lumber in the U.S., has set final duties on imports.

The rates range from about 10% to nearly 24% and would affect about $5.66B worth of imports of the key building material. Canada said it would appeal the decision.

If benchwork is in your plans you had better hurry. Lumber prices in the US are about to go up. It seems every piece of softwood lumber (except treated) I have bought from my local Home Depot store was of Canada origin.

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Re: Lumber prices
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Add to that the demand from construction in the South as repairs from the various hurricanes gets under way.  I imagine lumber will be high for a while.



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Re: Lumber prices
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I use Baltic Birch exclusively. I'm used to getting a second mortgage for new modules!
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