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Re: Introduce Yourself...
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Hi all! Jack Maney here, based in Wichita, Kansas for the time being. Started collecting HO scale trains by age 6 and have stuck with it ever since. For years, I've been wary of DCC due to the seemingly endless array of strange, seemingly unexplainable issues that seem to pop up at random and the requirement to speed-match locomotives in order to run them as a consist. When I found out Railpro did it automatically, I was intrigued. When I found out you can run Railpro alongside DCC instead of having to fully commit to the new system all at once, I was sold!

Recently, I've gotten into Free-Mo modular setups and Railpro has been amazing. While the other guys were scratching their heads and fumbling with loconet for hours, I was the only person able to run trains since the rails were powered. Hoping to build my knowledge and maybe share a little from time to time.  :D