Author Topic: HC-2b info request  (Read 644 times)


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HC-2b info request
« on: January 05, 2018, 08:10:20 PM »
Ugh, I really need to get a HC-2b to be able to problem solve with...

As stated, I don't have a HC-2b, only the older HC-2. It's getting harder to troubleshoot issues as more and more people have the HC-2b, the differences in drivers and communication are subtle but different enough that troubleshooting with one may not solve an issue for the other.

Would someone with a HC-2b be able to do me a favour, can they download USBTreeView ( and run it with their HC-2b plugged in.

Once you find the HC-2b in the list can they copy the information and send it to me. You can do this in a PM.

When you run USBTreeView it'll bring up a list of USB devices attached to the system. The left hand pane will show all the devices, the right hand pane shows information about the selected device.


To find the HC-2b, if it's not aptly named as such in the left hand pane, click on each device in the left hand pane and check the information in the right hand pane for a VID of 04d8 and a PID of f320, as highlighted in the screen capture.

Simply right click the information pane, select all and copy. The text can be pasted into a PM.

USBTreeView is completely portable, it does not need installing and can simply be deleted afterwards.

- Tim