Author Topic: Thank you RailPro User Group!  (Read 848 times)


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Thank you RailPro User Group!
« on: April 17, 2018, 01:25:49 PM »
I want to thank everyone for their continued support for any one having connectivity problems with the Ring servers It helped me immensely with solving my problem with connecting it shows future Rail Pro converts that we want to ensure you have our back and help is always available if a problem arises I doubt there is any other system out there DCC that gets the support we do and everyone shares the info with each other to make their RailPro Experiences Great, and with Future improvements and programs that could be on the way only make the RailPro system, far superior to DCC the Radio control is superb,and to be able with a touch screen to monitor your Locomotives info is fantastic and a Giant step above DCC control  a control that has a lot of issues compared to Rail Pro.

Thanks for having my Back People.