Author Topic: Looking for a "Cannot download from RE" member to test new program  (Read 647 times)


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I am looking for one member (just one right now, more later) that cannot download RailPro Assistant or HC Simulator from Ring Engineering who would like to test a new connection diagnostics tool (program) for RP I am writing.

The tool won't magically solve connection problems by itself but will hopefully help pinpoint where the problem lies by running tests and collecting information that can then be analysed.

I've had Bill and Alan previously test the tool and they haven't reported any issues running it. Both Bill and Alan don't have connection issues so I now need a person who does.

The person must be a person that has posted here before that they can not download, should know how to turn off their firewall (this is a requirement of the testing) and know how to run programs as administrator, and, be happy to run software that is for all purposes considered to be beta.

- Tim