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« on: October 25, 2018, 03:49:01 PM »
Can anyone recommend an HO locomotive repair shop?

I have a Proto 2000 Berkshire which initially would stop occasionally due to motor overload and then became increasingly frequent until it will not run at all.  The local repair shop said it was the linkage binding up and loosened it to allow it to run for a while longer.  It has bound up permanently now and he does not want (thinks it cannot be corrected) to work on it.

To make matters worse, it fell off of a table and there are quite a few plastic pieces from the front of the engine that I do not know how to put back together.  Obviously would not want anyone dealing with this until the linkage binding is fixed.

Any suggestions on whom to contact would be appreciated.


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You might want to try Larry Dunbar from Florida.  He is retired and works part time on locomotive repair.  I sent you his email in a message.