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Moving out of HO
« on: March 08, 2019, 10:33:27 PM »
Tough decision but had to be done. The choice as to which scale to remove from my empire.  I still have a bit of G scale but it's waiting and boxed/crated up for a train show as I had little interest in that size anyway. Now the hard part was deciding between HO, On30 and my Lionel/MTH O scale as to which one was to go. It looks like HO will be the one going to a new home as the other two use the same buildings etc. Now here is the rub, I'll have to remove the RP stuff out of the HO engines and put them into the On30 engines. Then put the decoders back into the HO engines. Oh well, at least I can stay with RP as it just might be the best choice. Sure has been a long ride playing with model trains and very interesting as new stuff keeps coming along so we don't get bored well at least me. Your version might be different?  It's all good. Cheers. The old fardt in Yuma.  :) 8)