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Switcher Lighting
« on: May 26, 2019, 01:27:12 PM »
I'm running a diesel switcher (USA Trains S4) and want to set up an automatic lighting effect.

In switching mode both headlights should be on and dim when the loco is in use and stopped.

When the loco starts to move, the headlight on the "forward" movement end should come up to full brightness and dim again when the loco stops while the "rearward" light stays dim.  (forward and rearward being direction of movement, not the front and rear of the loco).

Right now it can be done only by having two buttons for each light (on and dim) and manually turning the dim button on and off.

I would just like to take the lazy approach and have this done automatically, similar to the way the directional lighting works  :)
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Re: Switcher Lighting
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Wire a suitable sized resistor for the dim setting directly from the LM ground pin to the LED. Keep the resistor you presently have in place on the light output pin. This way any time power is on current will flow to the LED through the dim resistor. When you press the headlight button power will also flow through the bright resistor.

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