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General Discussion / Re: website for loco airhorns
« Last post by snowdog on Today at 10:05:02 AM »
AND where is your info?
General Discussion / Re: Any new g scale boards expected?
« Last post by gregeusa on June 12, 2024, 05:33:24 PM »
Working chuff sync?
General Discussion / Re: Any new g scale boards expected?
« Last post by JRad on June 12, 2024, 09:15:28 AM »
i wouldn't expect any new hardware soon. The LM-4S-G has not been out that long.

Updated software is always possible.  What are you looking for that isn't in the current product?
General Discussion / Any new g scale boards expected?
« Last post by Davidbross on June 10, 2024, 07:07:54 PM »
Has anyone heard whether the boards fit g scale will be changed or upgraded anytime soon? 
RailPro Software Updates / HC-2 2.50
« Last post by KPack on May 30, 2024, 04:24:23 PM »
New version for the HC-2 (not HC-2b) released today.

Adds all the improvements found on the HC-3, support for TC-1, support for AM-2S, support for LM3S-G/4S-G.  Other improvements noted but not listed.

Hi Jim,

I'm kinda late to this party.  While not exactly what you are doing, I've done similar with an AM-1S. I used the S because I wanted some sound effects. The AM-1 would work too.

I am controlling two turnouts on my indoor section with the AM-1S. My turnouts are moved by servos. There is separate electronics to drive the servos. The AM-1 provides and on/off function on an output that drives a relay, The relay controls the servo driver.

I had to write my own accessory program. I'm an old basic programmer, so the logic wasn't too hard but it did take a lot of tries to get it to do what I wanted. Quirks of RPA's programming function are part of the challenge!

I think there is a thread on here of the project. Here is the link:,1286.msg9704.html#msg9704

Project on hold pending return of AM-1 from Ring. Ring requested I send it in when I couldnít get a picture loaded.
A little late here, but be careful with air solenoids.

If the decoder handles 400 MA TOTAL, then you may have a problem right there... you should measure the steady state current of the air solenoid when activated... (I use 24v air solenoids)

Next they have a very big inductive kick, which can blast solid state switch controllers, you will want to put in a "snubbing" diode across the solenoid to not feed that back into the electronics.

I'm making the assumption that the turnout controller output is solid state, or possibly a reed relay, both of which can be easily destroyed by the BEMF of the solenoid unless protected.

Version 4.01, 97% storage available
One step forward and two back. Canít get the picture to insert and the display of the buttons is now just the small activation light.
Sent message to Ring, thanks again for your help. Jim
Hmm, something doesn't sound right then.

What version of RPA are you running. I imagine it's 4.01 but just to be sure. Also, how full is your RPA storage?

I don't have an AM-1 so I can't try to fully replicate what you are doing so are these the steps that you followed in order?
  • Click Accessory Project button in the section titled "Select here to load file from this computer to hand held controller".
  • Click the Select Option button next to the Accessory Project button to be taken to the Project Manager screen
  • Click the New Project button to be taken to the New Project page
  • On the New Project page, select the type of accessory module you are designing the project for and give the project a name.
  • Design and program your project. Once finished click the save button. Note you do not need to add a picture during the design stage.
  • Once saved, your project should now show in the Project Manager screen (If you click Edit next to your projects name you should be taken back to the project editor).
  • Click the Exit page button to be taken back to the main page.
  • Click Accessory Project in the section titled "Select here to load file from this computer to hand held controller" again to show you the accessory projects stored on your computer. You can now add your project to the list for downloading to your HC for loading to the accessory module.
Don't forget you'll need to download a picture to the HC for loading to the accessory module as well.

- Tim
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