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Thanks Kevin!

Yes. Ease and performance of MU or Consisting in RailPro made the initial decision for me.

I'm still not very happy with steam sound chuff timing. Even with the input wire being used, the signal on the input only seems to be a suggestion of speed, not an absolute go/no-go for the chuff sound. I'm willing to live with that to avail myself of all the other features, but i sure wish Tim could get it to work like all of the sound only boards.

I do a lot of switching ops and having an absolute chuff sound tells me if a loco is moving without looking at it. Current implementation will continue to chuff when stopped and sometimes move without any chuff at all.  >:(
RailPro Specific Help & Discussion / Re: Lm3s wiring a steam engine ho.
« Last post by KB02 on Today at 07:31:49 AM »
The process for wiring in a steamer is actually the same a diesel. The only real difference is, as you have found out, finding a place for everything.
I have a Rivarossi Hudson that was originally built for DC that I have converted to DCC and then to Railpro. I found room in the boiler for the LM as well as a keep alive, but the speaker needed to be put in the tender. This particular loco gets left rail power from the loco and right rail power from the tender, so I have to wire sets running between loco and tender to ring power back and forth. I found micro plugs on ebay for both 2 and 4 wires. They are certainly small (and a PITA to work with sometimes) and do the job nicely.
Love it!  Great video and that's a beautiful railroad. Isn't it great to see huge consists running smoothly?  So easy with Railpro.

Follow the link to view this YouTube video made yesterday on my garden railroad. Filming location is on and near a curving 5% grade we call Coal Dump curve due to a coal train wreck early in the railroad's history. Near the end of the video there is an MU consist of 4 steam locos and two diesels running up and down the grade. In the out takes there is a shot where the diesels come uncoupled yet stay close and catch up with the consist on the down grade!  All locos using LM-3S-G for sound and control. 4s LiIon batteries for power.
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RailPro Specific Help & Discussion / Re: Making a Lanyard for your RailPro HC
« Last post by Nut 07 on September 27, 2022, 04:45:58 PM »
I miss that too.

It's been a while since I've operated on Lee Nicholas' railroad, but what I remember the lanyards were a boon, and most of the railroad you didn't have to reach far enough in to uncouple cars that the swinging controller presented any danger to the scenery or rolling stock.  The only exception was in the yard, but there he had a place to put the controller when you needed both hands and had to reach into the deepest track. 

I miss working on the Utah Colorado Western.

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RailPro Specific Help & Discussion / Re: Lm3s wiring a steam engine ho.
« Last post by carpediem4570 on September 22, 2022, 02:14:23 PM »
Hello Tim and thanks for the reply.

My soldering and wiring experience is quite rudimentary but, I am looking forward to the challenge.

The penny dropped last night and I realized I am going to have to install extra plugs.  From what I have learned from the lm3s instructions,  I will have to connect six wires to the cab: two motor, two pickups and two for the forward light. Other engines I have include smoke.  There is an on off switch.  I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

The IHC Mehano train sets were manufactured in Slovakia.  The Loblaws corporation under the brand name Presidents Choice, contracted Mehano to produce a train set for every Christmas season for 11 years.  The focus was on Canadian steam with two sets being diesel.

If you type in presidents choice train sets in your web browser, you will find some really nice info on these sets.  Go to eBay and you will find sets that are still new wrapped in the box.  Average cost per set is between $100.-$150. Canadian.  Of course, some people are selling sets for rediculous prices.  Be patient.

A couple years ago, I purchased a number of brand new sets from the son of the marketing director of loblaws who came up with this promo.  The man grew up with a train set.  In the 90s, he found train sets were cheaply made and very expensive.  He convinced loblaws to commission the Canadian trains using a reputable manufacturer for a reasonable price.  If memory serves, the sets were under $90. Canadian and, they are quality engines.  The marketing ploy was a resounding success and many children were introduced to model railroading at Christmas time.  What a memory.

I found this individual on  In Ontario.  Again, type in presidents choice trains.

Ill keep you folks posted with my conversion project.

Kind regards,

RailPro Specific Help & Discussion / Re: Lm3s wiring a steam engine ho.
« Last post by G8B4Life on September 22, 2022, 08:29:44 AM »
Welcome to the group and to RailPro Max.

I can't say I've seen much info on HO steam installs here, most of the steam install info here is large scale, but don't let that put you off, perusing some of the large scale installs (check the finished installs board on this forum) may give you some general ideas.

Essentially though you'll need a plug between the loco and the tender if you wish to be able to separate them. I think companies like TCS sell small plugs for this purpose. How many contacts the plug needs depends on how the Mehano loco's are set up (not familiar with them) but you need 2 contacts for each light, 2 contacts for each motor and 1 contact for each pickup that passes from the engine part to the tender.

If I knew how the Mehano steamers are set up I could do a drawing but it's too late in the night now to research it, that'll have to wait

- Tim

RailPro Specific Help & Discussion / Lm3s wiring a steam engine ho.
« Last post by carpediem4570 on September 22, 2022, 01:34:06 AM »
Good Evening Folks:

New member here from Canada.

Got all of my railpro kit across the border and am getting ready to wire up my locomotives.

I have been scouring the internet looking for info on hard wiring my ho engines.  Lots of good videos wiring up diesel locomotives but nothing on wiring ho steam locomotives.

I have 12 IHC Mehano steam locomotives and one IHC Mehano diesel locomotive.  These engines came in a package with cars, track and dc power pack and were marketed by a Canadian grocery chain called Presidents choice.  Presidents choice brought out one train set every Christmas for 11 years starting in the early 90s.

These trains are not dcc ready and must be hard wired.  There is no room for the lm3s in the engine so, must be mounted in the tender, along with the speaker.

Does anyone out here have experience wiring up a steam locomotive?  Im trying to do this so the cab and tender are not hard wired together.  Pictures or video would be great.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Kind regards,

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