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A little late here, but be careful with air solenoids.

If the decoder handles 400 MA TOTAL, then you may have a problem right there... you should measure the steady state current of the air solenoid when activated... (I use 24v air solenoids)

Next they have a very big inductive kick, which can blast solid state switch controllers, you will want to put in a "snubbing" diode across the solenoid to not feed that back into the electronics.

I'm making the assumption that the turnout controller output is solid state, or possibly a reed relay, both of which can be easily destroyed by the BEMF of the solenoid unless protected.

Version 4.01, 97% storage available
One step forward and two back. Canít get the picture to insert and the display of the buttons is now just the small activation light.
Sent message to Ring, thanks again for your help. Jim
Hmm, something doesn't sound right then.

What version of RPA are you running. I imagine it's 4.01 but just to be sure. Also, how full is your RPA storage?

I don't have an AM-1 so I can't try to fully replicate what you are doing so are these the steps that you followed in order?
  • Click Accessory Project button in the section titled "Select here to load file from this computer to hand held controller".
  • Click the Select Option button next to the Accessory Project button to be taken to the Project Manager screen
  • Click the New Project button to be taken to the New Project page
  • On the New Project page, select the type of accessory module you are designing the project for and give the project a name.
  • Design and program your project. Once finished click the save button. Note you do not need to add a picture during the design stage.
  • Once saved, your project should now show in the Project Manager screen (If you click Edit next to your projects name you should be taken back to the project editor).
  • Click the Exit page button to be taken back to the main page.
  • Click Accessory Project in the section titled "Select here to load file from this computer to hand held controller" again to show you the accessory projects stored on your computer. You can now add your project to the list for downloading to your HC for loading to the accessory module.
Don't forget you'll need to download a picture to the HC for loading to the accessory module as well.

- Tim
When I try to edit the project, Iím getting a message ďfile not on this computerĒ. Iíve recreated the project and still get the same message.
Very frustrating, but Iím going to keep trying until I get it correct.
I did manage to load the picture, but Iím having the same problem loading the picture to the project.
FWIW, Iím on a windows 10 HP laptop.
...Once the project is downloaded, is it no longer available for editing and must be recreated from scratch?

No, it should be available in RailPro Assistant so you can download it again and again, until you delete it. I'd suggest giving the RailPro Assistant manual a look though.  The part dealing with custom accessory projects starts on page 39 but you should find your accessory project by clicking the Accessory Project button in the section of the RPA screen titled "Select here to load file from this computer to hand held controller".  You can then use the "Select Option..." buttons to edit, copy , delete etc.

Iím getting a message that my project name canít be associated with a picture?

When your designing the project in RPA, the picture you type in must exist in RPA as well for it to show, so following my example a picture named Little Gulch Nth End would have to exist in RPA for it to show on the designing screen. This has no bearing on when the project is loaded into the accessory module, you'll have to upload the picture you want to the AM-1 and set the picture the same as you do for a LM.

I'm presuming that you've downloaded the Accessory product program to the AM-1?

- Tim
Couple more questions, if you donít mind.
Once the project is downloaded, is it no longer available for editing and must be recreated from scratch?
Iím getting a message that my project name canít be associated with a picture?
Yes, with additional information.

Output 1 and Output 2 are Motor 1
Output 3 and Output 4 are Motor 2
Output 5 through Output 8 are Output 5 through Output 8.

Look at the AM-1S or AM-2S manual under Wire LED's or Wire Light Bulbs to see how you should wire the solenoids. I don't think there's any reason you probably couldn't use the motor outputs as well as long as the solenoids aren't polarity sensitive.

Also, the max current the AM-1 is rated for isn't specified but the max current the AM-1S is rated for is only 400mA continuous combined across all outputs; just something to be aware of.

Another thought, if it doesn't quite work out because there's not enough grunt to power the solenoids directly:
  • You could use the turnout program in the AM-1 to drive latching relays (push the button to turn on, push the button again to turn off) to drive the solenoids.
  • You could drive normal relays from the project you write to drive the solenoids.
It's more money etc but it could be a last resort to provide enough grunt.

- Tim
Thank you, thatís what I needed. Iím I correct in assuming output equals the terminal number on the AM-1?
Wow, I didnít screwup after all. I have 3 AM-1ís on the HC and I was trying to access the wrong one. The HC assigns duplicate turnout numbers???

In the manual it shows you to name them so I'm not sure why they are numbered.

Anyway, This is the scenario. I do not believe that the AM-1 program that controls turnouts allows for the turnout buttons to be maintained instead of momentary and does not allow a forever activation time. At least that's what I get from reading the manual. If that's the case your options are:

Lobby Ring to allow a forever activation time for solenoids that can handle being energised all the time, which I suggest you do, and

Create a program for use in the meantime, which is probably going to be a very long time, possibly forever.

Because one can't simply share accessory programs and only you know your layout and where the turnouts are you'll have to make your own in RailPro Assistant. The below example should get you started on what you want. I'd suggest grouping the turnouts into area's for naming the project, and naming the AM-1's the same. Remember, this way you will not find the AM-1 under Turnouts on the HC anymore but they'll appear under Accessories.

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- Tim
RailPro Specific Help & Discussion / Re: Charging HC2 battery question
« Last post by snowdog on May 18, 2024, 01:49:25 PM »
After not using my HC-2 for 10-12 months I found my unit would not charge. I tried all the ways that Rail Pro said to do it, but no luck. Ater talking to Rail Pro I just mailed it to them for a battery replacement and checkout the unit, it just made sense and the cost is not that much for them to do the work. Thanks Rail Pro.

How much $$ did they quote for the service?
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